On-campus renovations: Newton-Gresham Library

It’s hard not to notice the absent ceiling tiles and construction tools in the library, but it is all for the safety of the students and will not last much longer.

The entire library is currently undergoing renovations in order to put in new fire alarm and fire suppressant systems. Library Director, Ann Holder, hopes that the majority of the construction will be finished by December 1st.

“The contractor agreed to work at 8 o’clock at night into the early hours to make this easier for the students. We feel very fortunate that the contractor is doing this for us,” Holder said.

When students need to study, they can visit the library circulation desk located in the lobby to find out the places with the least amount of noise at that time.

“We realize that we’re asking students to be patient and the contractor is working as quickly as possible to get this job done,” Holder said.

The 40-year-old building needed this development to ensure that everyone who uses the building will be protected in the instance of a fire.

“This is a project that has to be done. It could not be put off. There is never a good time when buildings are being occupied to do this type of work,” Holder said.

The library and its staff appreciate the students’ patience and guarantee this project to be over as soon as possible.

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