Getting Louden-er: Debate on 11.6.08

You have heard from me a few times, or remember me from past years. I’m sure you’ve formed some opinions. I have many more opinions to share with you, but now is a great time to drop a big one. I don’t believe in your god.

As a matter of fact, I don’t believe in any god, supreme power, supernatural being or any thing otherworldly by any means. I am an atheist and anti-religious. Frankly, I find the thought of a mythical power ruling my world humorous. Santa Clause is more real to me. At least I have sat in his lap.

Of course, for me to discuss this at length in a newspaper article is impossible. It is impossible for me to do this alone also. I represent a single atheist. Many are not anti-religious, which is why I point out that characteristic in myself. We have no unifying belief; many even disagree with my worldview. But all I want you to do is think.

The magnitude of close-mindedness towards non-theists on this campus amazes me. We have been told “You can’t truly love because you don’t love Jesus,” and “If you don’t get morals from the Bible why don’t you just kill everyone?”

Have you ever heard such statements from ignorance? I invite you now to ask real questions of atheists. Many of you remember last springs’ Sam Houston Atheist Alliance vs. Chi Alpha “The Great Debate.” It’s back but this time with a twist. SHAA vs. YOU! We took your suggestions. We have the LSC Theater at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 6. There is room for an additional 200 people more than last year.

By opening the debate to the public we hope to allow all religions to be represented. In fact, all beliefs within those religions.

I hope that takes care of a majority of the complaints from last time.

Just remember, you are coming to talk to people who will tell you to your face god does not exist and if you ask me . . . the world is better off without religion.


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