Mad Brad: Passion in politics

I woke up this morning with the inspiration from Barack Obama’s acceptance speech still lingering in my mind.

Watching our dark skinned commander-in-chief made my eyes well up in the midst of a crowded bar, and seeing the rainbowed races rejoice invoked perhaps the most intense emotion I’ve ever experienced.

The votes are in, but people still debate as if they’re making an appearance on CNN to discuss the issues. What is it about this election that brings out the worst in people?

Over the past few weeks when I’ve heard Obama’s name mentioned in certain circles, “F-bombs” and yelling commenced soon afterward. There’s something about these outbursts that’s very alarming, and I believe it has a lot more to it than just being a Democrat or Republican.

I am speaking of things that in the back of our minds we have thought about, but don’t want to bring up. There is racism in America and it’s not as blatant as KKK’s and Black Panther parties. It lies and waits in our families, friends and co-workers and might be hiding in the depths of our hearts.

A friend told me that at Baylor University they found nooses hanging from trees. I’m certain this will not be the only incident that proves people are still highly capable of blatant ignorance and we must be honest with ourselves before we can be sincere with anyone.

There is a “black joke” that comes to mind where a white guy tells a black guy during night time that he wouldn’t have known that the black guy was there if his smile wasn’t white. When the same people that say things like this lose their temper about Obama, I don’t think it’s simple politics.

Is being politically aligned really that important, or is this borderline raging passion stemming from something deeper? I don’t think that all people who are anti-Obama are racist, but also I don’t think it completely justifiable to vote for someone based on race. This topic is filled to the brim with tension that is flowing onto the floor with the uneasiness that comes with facing truth.

When I woke up on the 5th I sensed the change in the atmosphere of our nation. Change is in office, but it’s for nothing without assuring that our mentalities are updated as well. If not, we run the risk of being destroyed and discouraged by our naivety and unwillingness to dismiss passion for truth.

The election is over, the passion will be around for a bit longer, but the reality will never leave.

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