Cobra Starship lights up “The House of Blues”

The House of Blues in Houston, TX only had breathing room left before Cobra Starship took the stage.

The 1200 fans, who were adorned in an flashy array of hoodies and Adidas high-tops, had all gathered to see the last Texas stop on The Sassyback Tour. Every thump, bang and rustle of the stage curtain caused fans to cheer, but none of these could compare to the roar that took place when the Cobras took the stage.

The band wasted no time plunging into their hit songs, while praising Texas as being on of the most “unbelievable” stops on the tour.

“We want you guys to have the best time of you life” said lead singer Gabe Saporta.

He and the other members of Starship were certain to do everything in their power to ensure that this statement was fulfilled. The band played fan favorites from their hit album Viva La Cobra , causing the “Cobradettes” to hang on every word.

Sophomore Abbie Jones was saw the band play for the first time. She thought that bands stage presence made the show.

“Their stage performance was great because they got the crowd involved,” said Jones. “Everyone knew who they were when they left. Even the people didn’t come to see them loved them.”

At one point, Gabe Saporta hit keytarist Vicky T in the face with his microphone cable, and played wrong notes on her instrument during a song. After the song he apologized with the help of the audience by having them scream “Gabe is sorry.”

Lead guitarist Ryland Blackington came back on stage alone, and spoke to the crowd about taking them to a “special” place. He showed a little bit of chest hair and performed. “Pleasure Ryland”, which is the last song on their album. The entire band came back to the stage and performed an exhilarating rendition Starship’s most popular song “Guilty Pleasure”.

Viva la Cobra is still in stores, and the Sassyback Tour will be taking place well into December. It will be sometime before the starship lands back in Texas, but the album will prepare you for the party.

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