LSC display depicts common troubles

Students’ Legal Services is hosting a photo and story display this week in the LSC Art Gallery, beginning Nov. 10 and ending Saturday, Nov. 15.

Legal Services offers free and confidential on-campus legal counseling to registered students at Sam Houston State University.

Debra Dominguez, the administrative assistant to Legal Services, served as the photographer of the series, entitled “Faces of Students’ Legal Services.” She wanted to depict students in the kind of situations for which they could obtain help.

Each picture shows a student in a situation that might lead to the need for legal advice. Beside each photo is a case folder marked ‘Confidential,’ and inside the folder is the story of a student who sought help from Legal Services.

“The stories are real, but the people [shown in the pictures] are not,” said Dominguez.

Dominguez needed people to re-enact certain events, so she contacted David Braun in the Dean of Student’s Office, who is a member of Kappa Sigma. Braun offered the help of his fraternity brothers, who served as actors in different situations.

Dominguez said, “The goal is to show students what Legal Services does, and what kind of help we offer.”

According to its website, Legal Services currently offers counseling in areas of concern for students, which include: Landlord/tenant problems, identity theft, consumer protection, insurance, criminal or family law, traffic tickets, automobile wrecks and employee rights.

Their office is located in the Counseling Center next to the Farrington Building. For more information, or to schedule an appointment with an advisor, call 936-294-1717.

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