Lights spreads positive vibes with eclectic music

The world of music has grown desolate with carbon copy artists, and nonsensical lyrical banter.

Then God hit the switch and out of Ontario, Canada came Lights, who after traveling through a few dimly lit paths brought brilliance to the music.

“A little bit of light is all we need for happiness,” said Lights.

Lights is a “small girl” who has spent most of her life making music. She was home schooled until high school, and once a week her father would take the time to teach her piano

Lights wrote her first song at the age of 11, and when she got older continued to branch out into different genres of music. She says dabbled in a multiple genres before finding her own sound.

“I remember growing up I went through a million different phases, but whenever I would write songs they always turned out really sad and sometimes angry,” said Lights. ” I discovered my sound is that I can write from a dark place to encourage myself and have results. “

“I picture it like a machine. You put in all your sadness, and out comes a positive encouraging song,” said Lights.

Her delightful character displayed on herself titled EP on 6 ambient tracks, and is available in stores and online. Approximately 40 percent of it was done alone in her bedroom, and it was time to perform she had to assemble a band that could bring her electronic vision to the live stage.

She admits that it wasn’t easy to find them, and was only able to decide after making a system.

Lights’ music is exactly what her name suggests. It takes her desire to spread positive vibes and meshes it with melodic electronic serenades. Her use of keytars and synthesizers embellishes her lyrical sincerity.

Lights is currently touring the country but holds true to her beginnings in roots that began at home.

“Anywhere that I want to go I feel like I can do it,” said Lights. “My parents made me feel like I can do anything growing up. I feel like I have no limits.”

She has learned from every level of her career that you’ve got to learn to take constructive criticisms, and how to not let it shut you down.

“I tell people the same thing every time,” said Lights. “Don’t ever stop doing it if you know you’re supposed to be doing.

The world is a little dark, and she is Lights.

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