Respecting the roommate bond

I consider myself a hard working student, normally taking a full load while trying to balance a social life along with 40 hour work weeks. A typical work week for me is Monday through Thursday from 3 to 11 and then weekend mornings. So of course by the end of the day I’m bushed, ready for a relaxing night in the confines of my room with my music, puppy and bottle of water.

The past few weeks I haven’t been getting that needless to say. My roommate has made it a habit of having friends over for drinks. So you could understand my having an aversion to coming home to an apartment filled with people, alcohol and loud music.

I understand the need of college students to unwind with alcohol; I’m not completely opposed to this at all. I do though find it abruptly rude to not inform the roommate in their decision to have a fiesta of sorts. It really more or less is the shock factor of not expecting this spectacle whenever you walk through the door, not the actual fact of loud music and people.

It all comes down to the respect issue between roommates and what they’re going through emotionally, whether it be school, work or relationships. Respect thy roommate. I always try to be considerate when it comes to my roommate and his need to study and relax, and that should always go both ways.

Having a roommate is an astounding responsibility but is equally coupled with companionship. It’s nice to have someone who you mutually agree with on things and have a special bond with. The roommate bond shall we say.

I’ve heard horror stories, mostly from front desk clerks at apartment complexes, about roommates getting into huge arguments about things as simple a dog all the way to how low or high the air conditioning is set at. Each time the tenets always demand to break the lease due to inconsolable differences.

I’ve had a horror story much like most people with their roommates. I moved into an apartment with a fraternity brother of mine to find out he’s an absolute horrible roommate. Great person, just a horrible roommate.

There is a simple solution to all the nonsense that happens between roommates. Know your future roommate through and through.

Make sure that you both have the same interests; from sports all the way to how you like to study. Be positive they’re a clean person; heaven knows you would hate to live in an apartment dirty enough to harbor rodents and roaches.

Before you sign the agreement with an apartment complex make sure you know what you’re getting into, I’d hate to hear any more horror stories.

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