Mad Brad: Watching the leaves fall

I got out of my car after parking by the duck pond and stood smiling at the sky. The leaves fell dancing from the trees in multicolored randomness at the whim of the breeze. Yellows, oranges and pigments unknown fell, filling the canvas of reality with character.

If I hadn’t known that I was in Huntsville, I would have sworn that I was somewhere in upstate New York, leaving my apartment to go work for some chic publication.

It was a visionary moment.

The most important thing is that it inspired me. It took my burnt-out composure and dreadful thoughts on finals week, and reminded me of my purpose of what I do as a student.

Whether you’re a commuter or a Huntsville homebody, you crawl of bed for some reason. Something drives you to stick with the process until graduation day.

As students and teachers we sometimes lose sight of our purpose and all of our studying and lecturing become mundane repetitions. We sit in desks because we’re used to it, because that’s where our class schedules say we must be.

There’s more to life, and we should show thanks by not being so immersed in school that we forget why we’re here in the first place.

This semester, I slipped into mediocrity and my academic motivations where as exciting as watching a vegetable grow. It took the Thanksgiving break to give me time to reflect on the blessings I have had up to this point in my life and to see the process through.

I made it to 22 years with a clean record. Somehow I’ve passed enough classes to be a senior and I have no STIs. I sleep in a warm bed and I have over 2,000 friends on Facebook.

I pretty much have it made in the shade.

But one thing I cannot take for granted is the fact that I write Mad Brad, and people read it. This time last year I was writing about the impending squirrel revolution, and now I dare to appeal to sensibility.

Why so mad, Brad?

Because when I walk out of my home to breathe in a painted canvas, it’s real enough now that it’s worth working for. It’s in my heart and dreams, and “Mad Brad” fits somewhere in between.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this year, as I have enjoyed writing. Have a great holiday season.

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