Plaxico Burress: his final dilemma?

Super Bowl-winning wide receiver Plaxico Burress has always been a headache for his coaches, but now he is even a pain to himself.

Burress accidentally shot himself while handling a loaded gun in a Manhattan night club on Friday night. Some reports say Plaxico had a glass of wine in his other hand.

Burress’ level of immaturity is unique. He makes millions of dollars playing for one of the best teams in sports, but he finds a way to accidentally shoot himself.

Burress is 31 years old, too old to embarrass himself in this way.

He once again neglected to notify the New York Giants of his situation. General manager Jerry Reese made an effort to contact Burress, but his phone call was not returned. This is the reputation that he has chosen to set. He behaves erratically and takes no responsibility for his actions. Burress was also suspended earlier in the season for missing a mandatory team meeting following a win over the Bengals.

He later explained to the team that he had a family emergency. No one really bought his story and the Giants fined him $250,000 for failing to notify them of his absence. After the ordeal, Burress took no accountability for what he had done. He explained that his issues are what makes him Plaxico Burress. Now he might not want to be Plaxico Burress.

The superstar turned himself in on Monday and will be charged with a felony possession of a concealed weapon without a permit. If convicted, he faces up to seven years in prison. In just one night, he managed to shoot himself, commit a felony, and most likely ruin his entire career. But he will enter a plea of not guilty.

Burress’ freedom is all he has to hope for right now. He may not realize it, but his team’s ability to win without superstars makes him expendable.

They are winning with players who come to the team meetings and don’t go to night clubs with loaded guns. The Giants have perhaps the best quarterback in football and are still the favorites to repeat as Super Bowl champions. They won’t take too much time dealing with Burress for right now. They plan to put him on the injured reserved list to end his season and possibly have him watch them win the Super Bowl from home.

If he thinks about going from catching the Super Bowl-winning touchdown one year to shooting himself literally and figuratively out of the league the next year, maybe he will understand there is something wrong with what makes him Plaxico Burress.

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