Showcasing Bearkat-created films

Ever since its 1938 “premier,” the Sam Houston film festival has evolved from a local social event.

Festivals, such as Cannes, are celebrations of artistic expression through film.

In keeping with the times, Program Council will host this year’s Sam Houston Film Festival tomorrow at 7p.m. in the LSC Theatre.

The festival, now closed to submissions, will showcase short films submitted by SHSU students in an effort to provide a setting where budding filmmakers can show their latest work.

“It’s just a way for the voices of Sam Houston to be heard and for people to get their work out there,” Angel Hall, director of marketing and public relations for Program Council, said.

Like other film festivals, there will be a contest to determine the best submission. The winner will be selected by a panel of two judges and the audience, which will act as a third judge.

First prize will receive a prize package worth $250.

However, the real winner promises to be the audience. The festival is designed to be an exposition of art and originality rather than a contest.

“It’s all about creativity,” said Hall.

For more information, contact Program Council at (936) 294-1736 or email

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