Goodbye Sam Houston, hello University of Houston

Between the hammer throwing game and Brad checking out girls through the window, it sometimes seems like nothing gets done. The Houstonian is so much more then the paper you see every Tuesday and Thursday. The thing that makes this paper possible is the people.

At the Houstonian, there is absolutely no lack of fabulous people. Brad, my boss, you probably know as Mad Brad, and even if you don’t know him, I have no doubt that you have seen him around. Not only is he responsible for running the business side of the paper, but he writes a column for the Houstonian that even President Gaertner reads it (No, really. He told us at a lunch that he read it!).

Brad has taught me a lot of lessons that I will not only take with me when I transfer to UH, but also will take with me in life. That being said, most of the time he drives me insane. I figured out however, that we balance each other out, I’m the crazy, stressed out one who over-reacts-I admit it-and he is the mellow one who stays calm under pressure. Brad, good luck with everything and I hope you get your Asian!

The most influential person, for me, on staff from day one has been Rachael. When Brad was training me in August, Rachael was the one who gave me all the tools I needed to do my job. She was the person who understood when Brad was driving me up the wall, but more then that, she is the person who inspires me to be the absolute best.

On ad side, we’ve gone through a few great people that made this semester what it was. Thanks to Reggie, Haley, Becca, and Anna for giving the job your best shot.

On the editorial side there’s Christi, the editor in chief, you can always catch her watching sports, moderating a political debate, or reminding Brad that they have a quiz in one of their classes.

Jenny Swenson, news editor, is the journalist who jumps up and down at the prospect of exciting news for the paper.

Bryan is an opinionated, cocky jerk. No, that’s only partially true. He can be all of those things, but normally he is a decent guy. I really do have a lot of respect for Bryan; he is a talented writer and will go places in life.

Then there is Kevin, the funny, argumentative entertainment editor. He makes the office more interesting with his strange jokes, his political banter, and his alternative views on life.

The staff wouldn’t be complete with out Meagan. She is the constantly smiling face who sometimes shocks us all with something crazy. She is a talented writer and an all around amazing person.

The photographers on staff keep it interesting. There’s Thomas who is an awesome guy who gets more crap then he probably deserves. Not to mention Daniel, who makes fun of me more than anyone on staff (which is saying something!), but does it in a nice fashion, showing he has a heart. There are also Joe and Jack. Joe who pops up on Tuesdays and Thursdays and tells awesome stories, and Jack who disappeared, but used to be lots of fun.

This staff has changed me in ways I can’t express, but given me an inside look on some of the most important, interesting, talented people on campus, the Houstonian Staff.

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