New chapter for men’s lacrosse team

In this world, there are driven people, some more so than others. However, once in a while, there are a few individuals who tend to stick out from the everyday pack. These people decide to make a life-changing decision in order to achieve a happiness few in this world will ever feel, and in the process, hope to spread the same drive to others.

Joe Fritts, the new men’s lacrosse coach for the Bearkats and a 1984 graduate of SHSU, is that kind of person.

During his time at Sam Houston, he helped create the men’s lacrosse team in 1980. After graduating, Fritts then went around the country doing different corporate jobs.

In June of 2008, Fritts was hit with a revelation of his own. While watching a scene from The Bucket List in which Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman are sitting on top of the pyramid discussing the two questions ancient Egyptians were asked in the afterlife, it was then that Fritts realized he too needed to find his own passion.

“At that moment, I thought ‘what is my joy?’ My biggest joy was coaching lacrosse,” Fritts said. “I sold everything I owned in Denver and moved back down to Texas.”

Upon returning to SHSU, Fritts had the chance to see the lacrosse team in action during the alumni game on Oct. 18. One month later, the men’s lacrosse team played at the Texas A&M Fall Classic Tournament.

“A&M gave the baseline where we needed to start. I was able to learn the personnel and get people in the right positions,” said Fritts.

Before Fritts took over the team, midfielder Lance Mitchell was the coach.

Fritts said, “He has done a phenomenal job of keeping things rolling.”

To some players the thought of having a coach come in when a player from the team had been coaching may be frightening, but the SHSU lacrosse team is far different.

“The players have been ecstatic. They’re very respectful,” said Fritts.

Off the field, Fritts is pursuing a master’s degree in counseling, while hoping to teach others about passion.

“No one talked about life after school. I would like to talk to kids and help them find what they want,” he said.

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