College of Humanities and Social Sciences opens semester in new building

The reflection of Huntsville’s sky on the windows of the new 150,000-sq. ft. College of Humanities and Social Sciences building has some Bearkats saying “beautiful”.

“Students were in classes this [Monday] morning and accessing faculty offices as well. The fourth floor is still having last things done to it,” Dr. Kandi Tayebi, Associate Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, said.

The CHSS building plan was proposed as a solution to the desperate need of additional classrooms for the growing number of students at Sam Houston State. It is the largest building on campus with 16 classrooms, including classrooms large enough to handle 250 students.

“The student body has grown dramatically, so there was a need for larger classrooms and office space for faculty. So far it is beautiful,” Tayebi said. “I think students will be pleased with the classrooms. It has good visuals and technology, so I think they will be excited to use this [facility].”

The new CHSS building cost approximately $30 million, and includes updated technology, large overhead screens and “smart classrooms” with computer capabilities.

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