Perkins steps down as SGA president, Yancy to take over

Student Government Association’s President Michael Perkins resigned his position Tuesday, Jan. 13. He announced his resignation at a meeting in front of part of SGA, with seven Senators absent, barely making quorum.

“Michael just believed it was time for him to step down and pursue other things and options,” Dean John Yarabeck, SGA advisor, said. “We felt that that was the appropriate place for him to make an official statement so it wouldn’t be misconstrued.”

Former Treasurer Nikki Miller, former Chief of External Affairs Travis Miller have left SGA over personal issues within SGA. Chief of Student Affairs Jenny Zehentner has transferred elsewhere, and Senator Trey Owens quit for other, unrelated reasons.

In his brief address to the Senate, Perkins gave reasons for his resignation.

“I’m going to take a few months to reconsider things, find myself, I suppose. I cannot do that in this capacity,” he said.

“There’s some things we can control and some things we can’t. I think right now it’s really best, it’s a new semesterwe have a Senate who’s prepared to tae this on, Perkins said. “Because of our Constitution and our organization, I think that working with Vice President Yancy in his new role would be a better time [now] than later.

The Houstonian was unable to subsequently contact Perkins.

Former Vice President Christopher Yancy will now step into the role of President, as per the SGA Constitution. He declined to comment.

Former Chief of External Affairs Travis Miller left his position in the SGA partially over last semester’s impeachment trail for Vice President Yancy, notably the dismissal of witnesses who served as jurors. The motion was presented by Yancy’s defense, and meant that all jurors who were also witnesses could not hear testimonies during the trial.

“I was appalled at the manner in which the trial was conducted,” he said. “I look forward to the day when SGA can admit its own corruption and clean house on its own. I would love to come back. Until that day, however, I will not be a part of such an organization.

After Perkins left he room after his resignation, a quorum, or needed number of Senator s present to conduct a meeting, was not met. The meeting was dissolved and will resume at next week’s regularly scheduled meeting.

Yancy will be responsible for recommending new officers in the jobs now open, needing a two-thirds senate vote to allow them in.

“I’m hoping that they are a resilient bunch,” Yarabeck said. “I think we have a good core group of people. One of the thing needed is more members, and this is an opportunity for students.”

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