Room to move

With the new College of Humanities and Social Sciences building opening this semester, cramped and cooped went out of style and the time has come for more space.

The university Student Advising and Mentor Center (SAM Center), which advises students on everything from class schedules to degree requirements, left their all too familiar AB4 room behind and relocated to the first floor of the new building last week.

The move served to accommodate new advisers and aid in controlling the registration traffic of stampeding of students.

“We added a couple more advisors and we needed to have offices for them,” Dr. Bill Flemming, executive director for the SAM Center said. “That was really the primary reason we moved here because we were just out growing the space we had in our other building.”

Although the faculty and staff of the Sam Center have only been in their new work place for a brief amount of time, the new space is already helping the SAM Center workers.

“We have only been in these facilities for a week, so it is really hard to judge but it seems to be working very well and very efficiently,” Flemming said. “We have more space; that is the most important thing, I think. We needed more space, more room and now we have it.”

The Sam Center’s old location in AB4 will be used for Career Services, which was previously housed in a small building on the north side of campus. To avoid the gruesomely long registration and advisement lines that SHSU students have come to expect, Flemming recommends going to the SAM Center as early as next month for summer and fall advisement.

“At the beginning of February we will start advising, and the schedule of classes should be available online for summer and fall classes,” Flemming said. “For students, the earlier they come the better it is for them, as far as getting cleared and getting ready for registration, so they don’t have to wait in line.”

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