Shipley Donuts sets up shop on Sam Houston Ave.

A cow kicking over a pot full of boiling oil on some pastry mix during colonial times may be to blame, but others give credit to Captain Hanson Gregory for the hole in the middle of the “small cake of sweetened light dough fried fat” delight, that will soon make its way to a new location outside Sam Houston Village.

Here is some sweet Viewpoints: Shipley Donuts will be the filling the hole left by the departure of Kaldi’s with a new location on the southeast corner of Sam Houston Avenue and 17th Street.

“It will be a new store, and all three (Huntsville) locations will [remain] open. It was the owner’s idea,” Shipley’s employee Debra McGee said.

The owner of all three Huntsville Shipley Donuts, Michael Williams, said he hopes to open Shipley Donuts soon for the students of Sam Houston State University.

“I won’t know until Wednesday, but we will try to open within a couple of weeks,” Williams said. “[We chose this location] because of you guys, because of Sam Houston’s increase in students. They need a Shipley’s.”

The new site looks to be just right for freshmen appetites.

“I think it will be a better location because students will have a better selection for breakfast and right there would be especially better because freshman buildings are right across the street,” Sophomore Brodie Popp said.

Most students expressed their excitement at having the new establishment in such close proximity to the school, though voracious college appetites always have room for more.

“I think it’s great,” Senior Mass Communications Major Michael Odor said. “I think there needs to be something there. I wish it was a 24-hour pie shop.”

Some students are looking forward to change, but say they will have to start saving their spare pocket money.

“I’m excited, but I think I’m going to go broke on donuts,” Junior Mass Communication student Alyssa Young said.

Creating food for thought, one student said she has just one wish — later hours.

“I think its cool because it will be busy, but I kind of wish they would be open later — you know, how people used to just go hang out at Kaldi’s and study — we won’t be able to do that,” Senior Courtney Danielle Lefler said. “But I’m sure I’ll be stopping by in the morning to grab some breakfast.”

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