The Nameless Cheater

It has only been three weeks since the spring semester began at Sam Houston State, but I decided this semester was going to be different for me. Instead of doing “okay” in my classes, I wanted to do well.

My motivation has started out strong and so far I can honestly say that I have read the assigned reading and diligently finished all of my homework without slacking off. Because I had read the assigned reading in one of my courses, I was prepared for an upcoming quiz. There was no reason to be unprepared. The professor had it written on the syllabus that we were going to have a quiz.

I walk into the classroom prepared to take the quiz and sure enough, about five minutes after class began, the quiz was administered.

After marking the answers I thought were correct on my scantron, I realized that the girl sitting next to me, whom I have dubbed to be the nameless cheater, was obviously cheating off of my quiz. I noticed that her head would consistently turn in my direction and then magically she knew the answer to the questions. Is it possible that the answers would come to her in a vision if she looked at me or maybe her brain works better with her head shifted slightly to the right? I guess in some weird way it may indeed be possible, but I highly doubt it.

I understand that sometimes students just forget about upcoming quizzes or don’t have time to read the text and therefore cheat. In fact, I cannot think of one single person that has not cheated during their college career. On the other hand though, I don’t even know the name of the girl who cheated off me. At least she could have asked “Did you read” or “Can you give me a crash course of the chapter?” But instead she had the nerves to steal the use of my brain in order to achieve a grade she obviously did not deserve.

Although I was not appreciative of the nameless cheater stealing my answers, I do have to give her some credit. Even though she isn’t very smart for cheating, at least she chose someone to cheat off of who knew the material.

Maybe in the coming weeks I will eventually learn the real name of the nameless cheater, but even if I don’t I will know that deep in her internal being, she can consciously cheat off of complete strangers.

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