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Sam Houston State University’s Program Council Admix February Issue Release Party was held yesterday, Monday Feb. 2 at noon in the LSC Mall Area. Program Council volunteers handed out Admix as a publicity opportunity designed to make students aware of the emerging magazine.

“I would just encourage people to check out what’s going on in the magazine,” said PC coordinator, Chuck Collins.

Admix can be found on the pamphlet pillars in the LSC foyer and also at Admix Release parties, which will be held on the first working day of each month. Future release party dates are March 2 and April 1.

The magazine also has a new website, which features content published in the latest Admix magazine, as well as “online bonus content”.

“Admix is an independent, self-published magazine produced collaboratively by local artists and members of the Cross-disciplinary Creative Co-op (CDCC). Its goal is to increase awareness of the area’s arts and culture, and to provide a way for individuals to connect to the emerging creativity around them,” magazine writers wrote.

Admix was created only last semester by the Cross-Disciplinary Creative Co-op (CDCC) and was funded completely by that organization until this semester. The CDCC’s magazine, Admix, is now backed by SHSU’s Program Council, though the CDCC itself is still entirely independently run and funded.

Visual arts and literary publications are submitted, received and edited by SHSU students and CDCC affiliates. Event and literary and visual art submissions are always welcome, and though the magazine thrives off of submissions, limited space is available.

Information about submitting literature, photography, or event info is provided within the pages of the magazine.

To contact the magazine, send an e-mail to

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