Mad Brad: Lead to believe

Most people view Valentine’s Day as a helpful reminder of failed relationships, infidelity and how depressingly single they are. But I believe that having a jubilant V-Day is contingent upon your perception of it, and not your relationship status.

The mentality towards V-day should be a lot like the approach to deciding on whether or not to supersize a combo at McDonalds. It’s great if you get it, but you probably don’t need it anyway.

With that said, it’s important to remember that it’s just a holiday, and if you look at the facts, it’s a peon among titans like Christmas and Thanksgiving. When these holidays come around, school is suspended, but if Feb. 14th is on a weekday you can be certain that class attendance policies will be in effect. But despite this, people still view being single as horrific. For some not having a valentine is like not having a turkey for thanksgiving. “It just ain’t right.”

The media and society flood us with clichs of holiday seasons, and we beat ourselves up for not being able to live up to the image. We are lead to believe that V-Day is all about the expression of the heart, but I don’t believe that love can be packaged and sold in the aisles of Wal-Marts.

An event that really paid tribute to love would require that the world took off from everything to go around spreading joy. It would be known as a “holi-week,” and would be a mixture of spending time with your loved ones and reaching out to communities.

In my imagination, I would spend the first half of my “holi-week” in Tuscany with my hypothetical wife doing things that only married folk are supposed to do. The rest of it would be devoted to spreading our love through charity and philanthropy. I love children so I would probably throw youth appreciation festivals featuring Sponge Bob and Hannah Montana. And once everyone in the world has gotten at least a kiss and two hugs, we could all go back to our normal lives.

But at the moment I am simply a Brad, who happens to be mad, sitting in the Houstonian office. I doubt that world leaders will take time from the economic crisis and wars to read my proposal to invoke the first ever “holi-week.” They don’t love you, and they don’t think love is important enough.

But don’t let the government discourage you from having a great Valentine’s Day!

Everyone should celebrate despite his or her relationship status. Various campus organizations at SHSU host several events to accommodate people of all statuses. There’s speed dating, traffic light socials and pre- V-day parties, which all are certain to provide entertainment no matter how dismal your love life may be.

You don’t have to be in, or force, a relationship for the 14th. Be content with yourself so that you’ll be ready when the real thing comes. Spread your love to everyone you meet, and have a great Valentine’s Day.

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