Seniors send their thanks to memorable professors

Graduating seniors of Sam Houston State University will have the privilege of thanking faculty members this semester through the Student/Faculty Recognition program.

At the beginning of each semester Frank Parker, vice president of Student Services, sends 800 to 1,500 e-mails to seniors who have applied for graduation asking students to reference faculty and staff members who have contributed to their success.

In return Parker will send letters to faculty members to congratulate those that have been recognized by students and have made SHSU a better place to be. The letter identifies the students’ names and shows appreciation of the faculty’s support.

“This is one of the programs that warms my heart,” Parker said. “Even though Sam Houston has grown to 16,000 people there is still a personal relationship that faculty members are able to make with students.”

Not only have teachers been acknowledged for their contributions but students have been able to show gratitude to anybody, ranging from deans to members of the custodial staff.

Parker was introduced to the idea of the Student and Faculty Recognition program by Steve Pritchard, vice president of the University of South Carolina, during the mid-eighties.

The program was implemented at SHSU two years ago after Parker was promoted to assistant dean.

The official deadline for graduating seniors to send in faculty recognition references ended Feb. 13, but Parker said students can still send in their thank you letters to teachers and staff while there is still time before graduation.

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