The Meaning of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day that can have either of two effects on people. Immense love is typically the feeling a person experiences when they have a significant other to celebrate the day with while utter hatred for the holiday is usually expressed by a person who hasn’t had much luck in the game of love.

Although I hate admitting it, for the past few Valentine’s, I have been the latter. While it seems like everyone else is overjoyed and in love, I spend the day cringing at the sight of every obnoxious, oversized teddy bear. I become nauseated at every flower – balloon bouquet that catches my glance. It is safe to say Valentine’s Day is not a holiday that holds a special place in my heart.

I may sound like a cynic, but believe it or not I still fantasize over my ideal day.

The sun is shining, but not too much to ruin my makeup. The birds are singing a song, preferably “At Last” by Etta James. Then as if out of nowhere the guy of my dreams begins to approach me with a bouquet of daisies. He then proceeds to tell me I “had him at hello” and he can not imagine spending one second without me by his side.

Needless to say, that fantasy did not come true. So I spent the day with my family, we exchanged gifts, went to the movies, had dinner and spent the whole day enjoying each other’s company.

Then I realized maybe the holiday is not just about the love a couple shares. Maybe it goes much deeper than that. Maybe Valentine’s Day is meant to represent the love that exists in any relationship; whether it is with your mom, dad, brother, sister, best friend, pet or what have you.

I have come to the conclusion that Feb. 14 is not a day intended to remind people of what they do not have; rather, I believe Valentine’s Day was created to remind people of the love that is all around them.

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