A nation of wimps

The facts are enormous, our country’s economy is going in the crapper, and there is nothing any of us can do about it.

But that’s not what really bothers me. I read an article this weekend about the Great Depression and how it was handled. The woman who was quoted in the story talked about how people were tougher in those days and that’s how they survived it.

Wow, she was right. Look at America. Some things are just despicable. We have people who sue McDonalds because their kids are fat. Hey moron, here is a thought– don’t take your kids to McDonalds.

It’s things like that, that really worry me. I mean what kind of toughness is supported by people who sue the government because they don’t think their daughter should have to say God in the pledge of allegiance.


If I was president and that guy complained to me, I would say have fun living in Canada.

What happened to this country?

We used to be tough; we used to scare other countries, now they are only scared that we won’t buy anything from them.

One of our darkest hours came when we shut down Guantanamo Bay. Listen torture sucks, no one wants to be tortured, but there is an easy way to avoid it. Don’t be a terrorist. So what if we torture those people, do you think any of them really care about us?

Take 9/11 for example. Do you think any member of Al Qaeda really cared about the three thousand dead Americans? Because what I remember most of that day, were Afghanistan people celebrating in the streets.

This country was founded by guns and fists. When the Puritans showed up they didn’t look at the Indians and ask if they could live here. They just killed them and took the land. So why do I have to feel guilty about people getting tortured? Easy, I don’t.

Every day now people get offended by stupid things. I am sick of it. The next time someone wants to sue McDonalds because they got coffee spilled on them -duh, coffee is hot-or someone doesn’t like how we do things in America they can pack up and leave.

The bottom line is we are way too tolerant of a country. And I am sick of it.

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