SWAAT educated Bearkat athletes on steroid problems

To celebrate the start of baseball season and to teach students about smoking, drugs, and alcohol, the SHSU Alcohol and Drug Abuse Initiative (ADAI) hosted Spring Break Training and a mini baseball camp.

The event, which took place Monday Feb. 23 in the LSC Mall area, was a success.

In the LSC Mall area, “Team Rec Sports” teamed up with ADAI and tempted students to try their hand at tee ball with a twist — beer goggles being the twist. The point of the beer goggles was to show how stimulants and depressants, such as alcohol, affect one’s performance in activities.

Also in the Mall area, ADAI challenged students’ Wii baseball skills. Prizes were awarded for participation.

In addition to the fun activities, students were educated, not only about drug and alcohol use, but also about steroids and ergogenic aids.

“Ergogenic aids are supplements that promise to build lean muscle tissue but then cause heart, liver, and lung problems,” said Dr. Rosanne Keathley, coordinator of ADAI and associate professor of health. “A lot of college students use ergogenic aids.”

The lesson on supplements came with impeccable timing — right in the wake of the steroid controversy surrounding Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds, and Roger Clemens. Although ergogenic aids are not steroids, they come with the same promises and can be just as harmful.

The lessons, fun, and celebration of baseball continued at 2:30 p.m. in LSC 315. There were hotdogs and more Wii baseball. There was also a serious discussion surrounding fantasy baseball and the risk of drafting MLB players who may have taken performance-enhancing drugs.

“It was to show the harmful effects steroids can have on one’s physical well-being in a professional career,” Dr. Keathley said.

This was the fifth of six events aimed at promoting alcohol and drug awareness on campus.

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