Board approves increases in campus housing costs

In the fall of 2009, dining and housing rates at Sam Houston State University are expected to increase after the Texas State University System Board of Regents approved the move earlier this month.

During their quarterly meeting, the Board approved room rate increases for the Fall of 2009 of four to eight percent along with an increase in meal plan rates for the fall of 2009.

The reason behind the rising prices, according to a press release from SHSU Media Relations, are increased costs of operations, the minimum wage increases for student staff, increased renovations and repairs, the installation of safes in four small houses and the purchase of a surveillance camera system for a residence hall.

The meal plan increase has to do with inflation from ARAMARK, the increased cost of living and higher costs for utilities.

SHSU’s meal plan costs are actually relatively low compared to other colleges of the same size. Currently the price of 160 meals, including $150 Bearkat Bucks, is $1,236. The cost of the same number of meals at Stephen F. Austin State University is $1,414. However, if the SHSU meal plan does increase the approved six percent, the plans in fall 2009 could cost around $1,310.

“I feel like they are overcharging us for things that are mandatory, because freshman have to have meal plans and have to live on campus,” Brittany Romano, freshman, said. “It’s not fair, especially since most people wouldn’t choose to eat at Belvin over something they could cook themselves or somewhere else they could eat.” Increasing the rates of both meal plans and living will make more people want to live off campus from now on said Brittany.

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