Student reports assault, robbery

The reported assault and robbery of a male student outside of King Hall last Thursday has University Police detectives searching for three suspects, including two African-American males and one white male.

According to UPD Deputy Chief James Fitch, the suspects took several credit cards and a cell phone from the victim. While attempting to use the cards at the Huntsville Brooks Brothers and H-E-B, the suspects were caught on camera. However, no definite identifications have been made.

“The credit cards were found where they were attempted to be used on Saturday (Feb. 21),” Fitch said. “We are looking at the videos to see what we can get – hopefully we will be able to identify them.”

The surveillance video from the Brookshire Brothers and H-E-B gas stations revealed the suspects to be traveling in a small red or maroon sedan.

The assault, which occurred on Thursday, was not reported until Friday when the victim went to the Student Health Center for treatment for injuries sustained during the assault.

Student Health Center director Keith Lott said his office is not obligated to report assaults, but they do present each victim with the option of reporting the crime to UPD or another appropriate law enforcement agency.

“Our first and foremost interest is in helping the student obtain the appropriate medical care,” Lott said. “However, as a part of the SHSU community, we want to do our part to help contribute to a safer environment. We offer the option of contacting UPD for them, but if they don’t want to report it or pursue any legal action, of course, we’re not forcing that person to do so.”

However, if a victim opts not to report the incident, Lott said a general report is provided for UPD and the vice president of Student Services.

“We would want those circumstances to be known so UPD could take appropriate steps,” Lott said.

Anyone with information concerning this case or others is asked to call UPD at 936-294-1794.

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