Students now have convenient access to prescriptions through on-campus pharmacy

The Student Health Center announced the opening of a new pharmacy department this semester, which will provide students with convenient and affordable access to health care. Under the supervision of Keith Lott, Director of the Student Health Center, the pharmacy provides access to inexpensive prescription medications to the students of Sam Houston State University.

The pharmacy opened Feb. 23 for students looking for cheaper prescription medications. Students can get a prescription written at the Student Health Center or they can bring in a valid prescription from another licensed health physician. However, the pharmacy carries only a limited amount of medication that it deems relevant to the patient population of Sam Houston.

“Our goal and main purpose, for not only the pharmacy but also the Student Health Center, is to offer convenient access for affordable health care services here on campus,” Lott said.

Some of the prices for medication vary due to insurance co-payments or a deductible, but Lott assures students that the pharmacy at the Student Health Center has more convenient access for medication and offers a more affordable price compared to area retail stores such as Wal-Mart or CVS Pharmacy.

“Some of the medications we get are on a state contract, so we can pass a discount onto students,” Lott said.

The pharmacy is in conjunction with the Student Health Center and is governed by laws of the Texas State Board of Pharmacy, the federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) as well as the Department of Public Safety (DPS). The Student Health Center’s pharmacy is strictly student oriented and the pharmacy is under the supervision of one licensed pharmacologist without the assistance of any other aid workers.

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