Cute is What We Aim For attempts to inspire philanthropy among fans

Today’s youth tend to develop their sense of identity from examples of the vibrant celebrities in the entertainment industry. While some artists portray images of selfishness; Fueled by Ramen recording group, Cute is What We Aim For, uses its influence to inspire philanthropy among fans.

CIWWAF is the headline for and Sub City’s8th annual Take Action! Tour. Lead Singer Shaant Hacikyan believes that the tour is succeeding in its purpose to inspire youth to become involved in charitable causes.

“It’s really to inspire people that despite their age and resources, they can do something if they put their mind to it,” said Hacikyan. “It seems to be striking a chord because people keep asking about it.”

The goal of the Take Action! Tour is to raise finances and awareness for charity among youthful attendants. Ten percent of the ticket sales will go to, which is an organization that facilitates youth involvement to charities of their choice The members of CIWWAF are young and can identify with their fans about the changes that occur while growing up. Their performance will feature songs from their sophomore album Rotation that inadvertently carries themes that the tour represents.

“Initially it wasn’t the goal of the album, but I do believe it took on a life of its own and happened by default,” said Hacikyan. “Now we’re realizing it and focusing on it.”

Rotation is a meld of zeal and youthful character that expresses revelations of life. Its overall theme deals with change, and remains continuous without compromising the individuality of each track.

Hacikyan believes that their performances flow a lot from the energy of their fans, and it’s important have a good time during the show. He expresses excitement when discussing his anticipations of the tour’s Texas dates.

“Yes, Texas crowds are great, but I’m honestly more interested in the barbeque,” said Hacikyan. “I’m looking forward to having everything big.”

“You can catch the pulsating pop rock of CIWWAF and your opportunity to donate to charity tonight, when the Texas leg of the tour kicks off at 6:30 p.m. at Warehouse Live in Houston. The tour will continue with shows in San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas, and will feature other sensational bands like Meg & Dia.

A live interview with CIWWAF will be on 90.7 The Kat next week. For more information about the tour or charities visit

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