Fighting Words

Life in Dallas was easy, I went to Junior College worked three jobs and wrote for the paper.

Coming to Sam Houston is where it got hard. I spent a good time of my life around the martial arts, boxing being my favorite.

So when I had friends getting into Mixed Martial Arts asking me to teach them how to box, I had no problem. But, coming to Sam Houston meant I had to stop training people.

This weekend however, I will be cornering for my good friend and boxing student Tony Saade. His fight will take place in San Antonio, Texas at the Battle of the Alamo.

For those unfamiliar with MMA it is the fastest growing sport in America. To some it is brutal disgusting and barbaric, to me it is the greatest test of man.

While other sports are team sports, there is no proving you are better than anyone else, simply that your team is better. MMA is two athletes against each other testing who is better. Where when you win, you physically impose your will on them.

Sure, corners are there to offer advice. And yes training camps do help prepare fighters for what they are about to see, but in no way do they prepare you for taking that first shot on the chin

I like to think that MMA is the sport of the future, Its popularity among males 18-35 is insane and it is still growing.

It is the only sport where you can say, “I really respect [insert fighters name] and would love to fight him.”

Could you imagine if that happened in other sports? What if Shaq came out and said “Dwight Howard is a great center and I would love to fight him” He would be fined like a guy who cheated on child support, his reputation would be gone faster than Chris Brown’s. But not in this sport.

Cornering for me is a great experience. You’re close enough to help the fighter but far enough away to not get hit.

And while I think that this fight will be a great one, the thrill of the beginning of the fight is almost euphoric. Wish us well as we take on what proves to be a huge task.

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