No Texting at the Dinner Table

Texting has become a technological phenomenon. Along with Instant messaging and cell phones, we have invented a completely new way of communicating.

Texting is a great way of communicating quick and short messages to others in a timely fashion. What we lack with this new form of communicating is a code of ethics to tell us when it is, and is not, okay to text. I now present the five commandments of texting.

One. No texting while driving. The Texas Legislature is considering making this a law, and rightly so, considering the statistics.

Two. No texting in class. I know I am going to get a backlash on this one, but it’s important. It’s just plain rude and it is distracting for other students.

You can wait till after class to tell your friend about how bored you are. If you put down your phone and pay attention you might not be so bored, and you might not feel the need to text your friend about how bored you are.

Three. Limit texting while in the company of others. I don’t know how many times I’ve walked around campus witnessing groups of five or more people all standing together, all texting on their cell phones.

Is the person you are texting that much more important than the people in front of you? It is simply immature and shows complete disregard for others.

Four. When crossing a street stop texting. Your five cent text is not worth being hit by a car.

Five. Never, ever, use shorthand when communicating professionally or with a professor. Texting is not the preferred method of communicating professionally but if the setting allows it, use complete words. If you use shorthand you will get fired, and if not, you should be.

When you are walking though campus today, enjoying the fine smell of academia, look around. See how many people are breaking the commandments of texting.

If you do happen to catch a sinner, do not damn them to texting hell, but attempt striking up a conversation. The lost art of gab is one of the most valuable skills one can have. You can’t text your way through a job interview. The President will never text his state of the union.

For the sake of manners and your own personal safety, put down your phones. Texting is great for short messages, but it was not intended to be used for long conversations. We can not get lost in our technological euphoria and forget what really matters-us.

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