Spring Break on a Budget

With the economy in a downward spiral, life for the average American is drastically changing. Nowadays most people are watching their wallets intently for fear that their money will disappear right before their eyes. The truth is that my family has started to experience the efforts of the economic crisis along with countless other American families.

We never lived a lavish lifestyle; in fact I was always jealous of my friends who I believed led a more privileged way of life. However with my family now cutting back on spending, I find myself yearning for the small luxuries I used to take for granted.

When I first started noticing alterations to my family’s living situation, I was upset because I was convinced it would alter my life for the worse. After this past week of spring break my point of view has changed. I have come to the conclusion that the economic crisis has in some ways affected my family and myself for the better.

The current situation has allowed my family to become more creative. Instead of going out to the movie theatre, we save money by voting on a DVD we already own and watch it in the comfort of our own home.

Personally I have grown fond of this recent tradition because instead of worrying about what outfit to wear, I just grab my comfiest pair of pajamas and plop myself down on the couch. Most people would agree that it is against movie etiquette to talk during a movie in a theater, but this rule does not apply in your place of residence. When viewing a movie in the comfort of your home, conversations are not only allowed, they are welcomed.

I applied this new found creativity to time that I spent with friends over this past week. Rather than going to a local restaurant, we decided to pack a picnic and go to Discovery Green, a local park in Downtown Houston. It was nice embracing the outdoors. The sun was shining, offering the perfect lighting. There was a breeze in the air that no air conditioner could ever produce. The best part of the whole experience? The missing check at the end of the meal.

It is true that the current economic situation is having an awful impact on people’s lives. I would be lying if I said I had any real solution to solve America’s economic problems. What I can offer is a simple observation. In a time when material things are losing their value, I have realized that the things that truly matter in life come to the forefront. And those things that are of the highest value cannot be bought with a swipe of a card, or purchased with any amount of currency.

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