Boulder band brings freshness, fun to the continuously corporate rock circuit

If you ever have to make a phone call to Boulder, Colorado, you will most likely dial area code “303”. But, ifyou are seeking powerfully innovative party music then you need to dial up the eclectic sounds of 3OH!3.

3OH!3 members Nathaniel Motte and Sean Foreman embody the essence of a dynamic duo. Both are intertwined by a mutual love for music and share their hometown’s area code.

“Sean got it tattooed on his leg,” said Motte. “It was an exciting take.”

Motte and Foreman met while attending the University of Colorado, immediately connecting because of their musical backgrounds. They began making their own jams during freestyle sessions in Motte’s basement.

They were able to take their backgrounds as DJs and MCs and completely mold their own, “unhinged” style.

“We ended up playing shows in the last year of college at really cool venues like the Fox Theatre in Denver,” said Motte.

3OH!3’s album “Want” is not wanting for anything. In fact, it is an eccentric mix of pulsating electronic beats and lyrical banter unrelentingly inspire listeners to have a good time.Motte and Foreman take a tasty plate of rock music with a dash of thrash and rap, to make a meal that is best served piping hot on the dance floors of clubs and packed out venues.

“I think it’s definitely electronic party music with a rap influence,” said Motte. “It’s just music to have a good time too, we’re trying to make it progressive.”

“Don’t Trust Me” is the first smash single off of the album, and has remained on Billboards Hot 100 while reaching #2 on I Tunes top alternative songs.

3OH!3 like to infuse their live performances with the boisterous musical energy from their album. Motte assures audience members that it is all about having a fun night.

“Honestly, we just go crazy for an hour. We loose our minds and black out” said Motte. “Our last Houston show was sold out and the crowd was great. It’s easy when people are that pumped to see you.”

The band is a co-headliner on this year’s Alternative Press Tour .The tour kicks off tonight at Stubbs’s Bar-B-Q in Austin, TX for the legendary South By Southwest festival.

3OH!3 have always had positive feedback from their experiences in Texas.

“The shows there are so good because the kids come out. The energy is amazing,” said Motte.

3OH!3 expresses even more enthusiasm when reflecting on their past tour stops in Houston.

“We got to take a little train just to explore the city,” said Motte. “We love going to Texas.”

Sunday’s Houston tour stop at Warehouse Live is sold out again, but Motte wants to assure Texas fans that they will be able to catch their chance to do the “Helen Keller” as they headline on this summer’s Van’s Warped Tour.

“It’s just a good time. It’s always really hot, humid and unbelievably tiring,” said Motte. “But it’s fun as fudge.”

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