County fair fever comes to Huntsville

Walker County is hosting its 31st Fair and Rodeo this week and throughout the weekend, giving Sam Houston State University students the opportunity to take part in all of the fun things the fair and rodeo has to offer. This could also be the perfect opportunity for many to ease some of the impatience from the approaching summer vacation.

“The fair has always been here to showcase the youth of Walker County and all of their agriculture-related type projects,” said treasurer for the Walker County Fair and Rodeo, Carroll Smith.

The fair began last Friday, March 27 and will run through this Sunday, April 5. It is one of the biggest events in Walker County and something many students look forward to every year.

“We usually have about 20,000 people attend the fair before the week is out and then we have 400 to 500 students showing various projects,” Smith said.

A wide variety of exhibits and events can be found at the Walker County Fair, suiting the tastes of a variety of people.

“There will be commercial exhibitors like jewelry, hats and purses, and things of that nature,” Smith said. Handmade items will also be on sale at the fair, such as quilts that local women have made.

Exhibits of student work, such as arts and crafts, are also a big centerpiece for the fair.

“We have an academic rodeo where students write essays and some of those will be on display [at the fair],” said Smith.

Some displays of student work will be in the form of metal projects, such as barbeque pits, swing sets or cattle feeders.

An obvious sight (and smell) will no doubt be present at the fair and rodeo-livestock.

“A whole array of livestock [will be there], everything from big steers and heifers, down to little goats and lambs,” said Smith. “There will be a children’s barnyard for children to play in and a carnival for attendees.”

According to the Walker County Fair and Rodeo website, the carnival will consist of approximately 25 rides as well as various concessions and games.

The PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association) rodeo was held last weekend, but students can look forward to a “Ranch Wreck” rodeo to be held on Saturday.

Admission to the Fair and Rodeo is $5 but this does not include admittance to rides at the carnival, a separate wristband must be purchased in order to ride them. Carnival tickets are priced at $1.00 and the armbands are $15 each but are raised to $20 on Saturdays.

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