Notes on Notes

“I only like this kind of music!” This statement has been spoken by so many of my fellow students. Most popular music styles today have started as a result of another style, so how can someone really only like one kind of music if it is a part of a grander scale?

As clich as it sounds, I am a firm believer in knowing where music has come from, which helps me understand it as well as appreciate it. Sam offers a wonderful course called History of Jazz and Rock and Roll that studies the history of popular music styles and how music has evolved into what we enjoy today. I was so excited to take this course not because it seemed easier than most, but because it was a way to expand my knowledge on a subject I am passionate about.

Each style of music can be intertwined with another which makes it so exciting to study. For example, rap music is an outcome of several types of music such as R&B, funk and disco.

Music has an incredible amount of history behind it, no matter which style you choose. If you were to jump back in time and listen to country music it would be extremely different.

Music has evolved with the times; most of it could be part of the technological aspect. When sound effects and other music equipment were brought in, the music changed significantly. It became more important than the actual talent of the individual or band in my opinion.

So many bands and artists prior to the late eighties did not have the luxury of altering their voices to be virtually perfect. Each musician had to rely solely on his or her talent and the public didn’t expect perfection.

Nowadays, concerts can be quite an experience because there are many artists lip syncing. This has a lot to do with the pressures the public has put on these artists. The technology used to make their songs perfect also makes it impossible for them to mimic that without the special equipment during a live performance.

No matter what type of music you enjoy, it never hurts to branch out. Try doing a little background on your favorite artist and see where they drew inspiration. Music is very powerful; it can change moods, help you explain something, or even take your breath away.

Music, both past and present, is used as a therapeutic tool to help many and it is even used for children who have not yet been born. Try exploring outside your boundaries and see what music has behind it. A historical storyline really makes music more appreciated by all those brave enough to search for it.

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