Lost in the City

There are very few things I’m scared of in life, and it’s not very often I find myself in a position where I am afraid. But that was definitely not the case last Friday when I found myself hopelessly lost in Dallas, in probably the worst part of town I could possibly be in.

The scenario goes as such: I’m getting ready for a job fair and proceeded to put on my dress pants, which to my surprise, didn’t fit. Yours truly had gained a few pounds since I’d last worn them almost two years ago. Common sense says I should have known better, but that’s irrelevant. In a dazed panic, I raced out from my hotel room to my truck, cranked her up and took off.

Anyone with proper logic would have thought the same as I had: hop on the road and drive until I see a store. Well, that logic was flawed, and ended up leading me to a horrible part of town. It really did look like something out of a movie: run down stores and shopping centers, homeless people on street corners begging for change and the ever-present feeling of dread.

To make matters worse, while waiting at a stop light, I was yelled at, cursed and verbally threatened by four fine, outstanding gentlemen of the neighborhood who apparently didn’t necessarily think I belonged. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before I made a hasty and great escape before what I presumed would end in my demise.

Luckily, I had received a nifty little Garmin GPS for my truck last Christmas, and I was quickly rescued from my predicament because of it. With all honesty, had it not been for that GPS, I most likely would have never survived my weekend in Dallas-by far the worst driving I’ve experienced in my life to date. And the fact I had an uncanny ability to get lost made it all the more helpful.

For those of you who have never experienced a GPS, they’re incredibly smart and useful objectsbut they’re also not always so accurate. It really depends on the driver though, and with my sometimes insane driving, it is hard for it to keep up at times. At any rate, for their price and usefulness, they really are worth every dime you pay. If you are to buy a navigation system of any type I would highly suggest purchasing a Garmin as opposed to the “Tom-Tom” or any other devices.

Regardless, I highly recommend anyone to own one of these ingenious devices, they really are a life saver, whether you’re in need of directions, or completely lost in a part of town that you should flee quickly.

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