SGA Elections: Presidential candidate- Chris Yancy

Christopher is a senior economics major with a 3.25 G.P.A. in the College of Business Administration. His expected graduation date is May 2010. Since coming to SHSU in Fall 2005, Chris has been described as a walking embodiment of “The Measure of a Life is its Service” by several students, SHSU faculty & staff. Even University President James F. Gaertner has recognized Chris as being “highly involved” and “committed to civic engagement.” Listed below is a snapshot of President Yancy’s extracurricular involvements: “Dear Students, I would really appreciate your support in electing me to my first SGA Presidency term on April 15-16, 2009. I am running for your SGA President because I feel that currently in this one Spring 2009 semester as SGA President I have led my administration to totally revamp SGA’s image into a more positive one with our SHSU students.

Bearkats, please continue believing in the change that has already been made in SGA. Keep the dream alive: Please vote President–Chris Yancy, Vice President–Marcelo Pendleton, Secretary–Monica Eaton, and Treasurer–Efe Mukoro.

Thank you for your time and I would love to answer any questions you may have.

Respectfully yours,

-Christopher B. Yancy

SGA President 2009SGA Election 2009-2010 Platform1. Campus Shuttle System2. More on-Campus Jobs3. Scholarships-Financial Aid4. Parking-Community Service instead of Fines5. Co-Sponsorship of Campus Programs6. More travel opportunities for students to attend national leadership conferences and visit SGA’s or Student Centers at other Universities7. Increase Student Activism8. Improve the movie/documentary showings on Channel 71 and Channel 79. Work with Athletics and Student Activities to increase School Spirit through Pep Rallies10. Implement an SGA Speaker Series11. Strategic Student Appointments to the University Student Services Fee Committee12. Strengthen Campus Organization Relationships13. Fight rising on-campus housing costs14. Lobby the Administration for better dining facilities and more restaurant variety15 Implementing a League of Organizations in SGA

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