SGA Elections: V.P. candidate- Lance Weaver

When our four fathers set forth our great constitution they guaranteed us three things: life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. It’s these principles that we built our great nation on why we are able to stand here today. The life we serve on this earth can only be defined by what legacy we leave behind. Our legacies are our lives, our accomplishments and, most importantly, what we did to leave this place better than when we came into it. A legacy is started by any one life that dares to dream and pursue the fight. The great founders and progressives of mankind have understood the meaning of a legacy. Their impact is always and will forever be felt.

I stand with a legacy. A dream understood by the creators of this university is that an institution can only be as great as the lives of the quality students which it serves. I stand with you. WE are their dream. WE are their legacy. It is imperative that we understand that yes, a life’s legacy may die with a being, but the legacy of mankind will always live and it is our job to uphold the tradition, honor, and principles of our predecessors, whose shoulders we so humbly stand on.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are optimized by the best of the best. I stand with the best. I take honor in being a part of this dream, but most of all I take honor in being able to serve this legacy.

Bearkats! Help me continue serving the dream, the legacy: you. Only together can we continue to build on to the place that fosters tomorrow’s leaders; by creating a stronger student unity. Step up to the plate with me and let’s take tomorrow’s fast ball together and show the world who the Bearkats at Sam Houston State University really are.

Thank You.

My name is Lance Weaver and I am running to be your next Student Government Vice-President.

Eat’em up Kats!!

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