Bridges wins SGA presidential election

The results are in and the winner is Ryan Bridges for SGA president.

“After I got over the initial shock [of winning] I’ve just been really excited to have the opportunity to work for the students now,” said Bridges.

The first order of business on Bridges’ list of things to do as president- elect is to deal with the issue of parking. Along with the problem that many students face of fighting for parking spots each and every morning, tickets have been issued to students for parking in faculty spots after 5:00 p.m.

“We are going to really be working with the police department to get rid of some of these tickets, and [also] see about re-coloring the parking lots,” Bridges said.

There are many other items on Bridges’ agenda that he plans to attend to after he official takes office on June 1.

“We are going to be working very hard to reduce text book prices by working with different professors on campus to get them more involved in the text book writing process,” said Bridges.

He also said he intends to present plans to the administration for a tuition freeze and cap.

“We are going to try to work with them to get something done so that the students can better plan out their expenses and finances.”

Along with the parking problems, text book prices, and tuition plan, Bridges said that they intend to follow through on all of the items mentioned in their agenda during their campaign, although they have not yet set up the order in which these topics will be discussed and attended to.

With this new administration, students can look forward to having more accessibility to the Student Government.

“Students can expect to see us working with the police department to get the parking lots re-colored and increase students safety on campus,” said Bridges.

Also Bridges plans to build the ties between the students and the administration.

He said he wants the students to have as much accessibility to the Student Government as possible because, by default, they will have more accessibility to the administration. He would also like to merge the SGA and the student body to eliminate the divide that there currently is.

“We work for the students and will answer to any student on this campus; there is no issue that is too small,” stated Bridges.

In addition to the new president-elect, Lance Weaver won the election for Vice President and will take that office on June 1 as well.

Students who are interested in applying for any remaining senate seats can do so by filling out an application from the SGA office and attending two meetings and two committee meetings.

Current SGA president Chris Yancy, who took the position when former SGA president Michael Perkins stepped down last semester, will have his final day in office on May 31.

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