The “other” stands

Every stadium has one-a place where the loudest, proudest, most annoying, and drunk fans go to watch the game.

Sam Houston State is no different: it’s not the bleachers in centerfield, or the right field patio. No, we have done something different, and it’s a hill.

What’s not to love about our “Right Field Ridge?” It’s free, you can drink beer on it if you’re 21 or older and, if you know how to cook you can bring a hibachi grille.

Seeing how this has become the new fad, I decided to try it out myself.

The first thing I had to do was pack, so I packed up the necessary goods and headed to right field.

Beer cooler – Check

Peanuts – Check

Card board box so I don’t get wet sitting on the ground – No check

Ok, so things didn’t start out great, but who cares? I was about to have more fun than Lindsay Lohan at Studio 54.

When the game started, I was a bit disappointed. Where was the beach ball flying overhead? Where was the guy heckling the right fielder? Why am I the only one with all my teeth sitting here?

Maybe I set myself up for too much, but I wasn’t seeing the things I had envisioned, so I began to heckle.

“Hey, you. You suck!”

Ok, I’m not very good at insults, but I worked on it.

After a couple of bad calls by the umpire I threw out a nice, “Hey, ump, get off your knees. You’re blowing the game.” Now that’s crafty.

I would like to tell you how the game went, but I really didn’t pay attention. For the most part I just watched the people around me, drank my Miller Lite and ate the peanuts I brought.

What I do remember was one of the Dallas Baptist players hitting a home run to left field. What a jerk, I waited for nine innings to see the only home run go in another direction.

Maybe I sat on the wrong side. I don’t know, but I was getting less action than a fat kid on a dodge ball team.

As the game wound down, and I spent nine innings with a soggy butt, I was ready for an end. I went home, showered , and threw my dirty pants in the laundry.

Under the circumstances I didn’t have a great time that day, but Right Field Ridge is a great experience. Every student should go check it out. Heckle the opposing players and mingle with the locals.

Just don’t get too close. You might get Swine Flu.

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