SHSU obtains high definition radio as well as new name for AB II

From the changing of the parking pass to the demolition of dorms, change has been the central theme for SHSU.

Continuing on with this tradition, SHSU has decided to rename what was once known as AB II to Margaret Lea Houston.

Another major change to Sam Houston is that KSHU has finally finished its conversion to high definitioin in order to give out higher quality sound.

“It’s a high definition radio,” said Steve Sandlon, one of the individuals who took part in the process, “and that conversion which has a high definition receiver will give higher quality audio.

Besides giving individuals the opportunity to hear better sound quality, it will also enable the students working with the equipment the chance to gain an advantage in the job market.

“In addition, it gives the students experience with the type of service they’ll find at the bigger radio stations when they graduate,” Sandlon said.

The conversion for the system happened this past Friday at around 9 p.m.

“We’ve actually been working on it for three years, and KSHU is the only Huntsville station broadcasting in high definition,” Sandlon said.

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