The Adult Circus turns out to be a joyful experience

The Adult Circus began with an atmosphere accepting of its joviality. Members of the program counsel handed out Fluffy Stuff cotton candy, a fortune cookie, and an academic calendar/planner. Clueless as to what was about to take place, approximately 350 students found seats and chatted happily amongst themselves until the event started, even enduring the “Traditions of SHSU” slideshow. Most of the students were either freshman or transfers new to SHSU.

In a nutshell, the show was filled with pure entertainment. Michael Dubois, an accomplished magician, provided lively entertainment, connecting with the audience. He rode a unicycle, jumped rope, and continued to do other acrobatic acts, all while juggling. He also performed some tricks with balloons and walked on glass. Though the show was not as impressive as some may have hoped, it accomplished the task of connecting with students.

Karina Pena, a junior transfer, came to the event with her freshman roommate, Krystal Soliz. They both admitted to having no clue as to what would be on the agenda for the evening, but they were thrilled to be outside of the classroom. Throughout the event, students cheered, clapped, talked amongst themselves and volunteered to assist for certain tricks. It was obvious that the student were relaxed and entertained.

While speaking with Dubois after the production, he spoke of the need for new students to get plugged into the campus.

“Try things you wouldn’t normally do. Get really involved in activities on campus. Find what you love and then discover a way to make money doing it,” Dubois said. “Taking lots of courses outside of your major will probe you to look outside your comfort zone and could save you from living with a career you don’t enjoy just because you didn’t explore other options.”

The Student Activities staff and the Student Program Counsel make it possible for wonderful events like the Adult Circus to take place. Executive Director Angel Hall encourages students to take place in the meetings on Wednesday nights at 7 in the LSC, room 304.

“It’s a great way for students to voice their interests and see results. It has allowed me to receive hands-on experience in planning and publicizing events. You meet officials and get to know other students,” says Ashly Poyer, Director of Marketing and Public Relations.

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