Questions and Answers with the Western Illinois

With the upcoming game, The Houstonian had an opportunity to talk with the sports editor from the Western Courier, Bill Welt. Who covers Western Illinois football team.

The Houstonian: What style of offense should the Bearkats look out for against the Leathernecks?

Bill Welt: They are primarily a running team. Hopefully this year they will try and even it out.

TH: What about your quarterback?

BW: Matt Barr is the starting quarterback. He is a third year starter. He redshirted his freshman year and has started ever since.

TH: And Running back?

BW: Dre Gibss will be filling the spot this year. He is taking over for Herb Donaldson who almost rushed for 2000 yards last year.

TH: How about your defense?

BW: We have a balanced defense, our linebackers and defensive line are the strength of the team. Especially the linebackers; Kyle Glazier led the team in tackles last year and he is returning to anchor the team.

TH: As far as big threats go what should fans look for?

BW: We don’t have any real weapons on special teams but as far as maybe a deep threat goes Lito Senatus is a 6 ft. 3 in. wide receiver that poses a third down threat.

TH: How do you guys typically stack up in your conference?

BW: We are normally middle of the pack. We went 6-5 last year and playing in the Missouri Valley football conference it really is a battle between Northern Iowa and Southern Illinois.

TH: What kind of surprises should we be prepared for?

BW: Wil Lunt is a red shirt freshman and he broke the Illinois record for passing in high school. I really was shocked that we were able to recruit him here so we are pretty sexcited about him. So if Barr has a bad game I mean a really bad game you could see him come off the bench.

TH: And lastly as far as coaching goes, how do the Leathenecks match up against Coach Whitten?

BW: Well our head coach has been coaching this team for quite a while he is in his eleventh season here. He is also nearing in on the winningest record in Western Illinois history. He has taken the team to the playoffs quite a few times and is looking to have a really good season this year.

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