What it means to be a Bearkat

Food, fun, music, and rain is what many faculty, students, and staff enjoyed on this past Saturday during the Parents Weekend Tailgate at Bearkat Alley.

The weekend was an opportunity for students and parents to mingle and get to know more information about the different groups and organizations around campus.

There was a marvelous turnout for the event, and the faces of the parents and students said it all. With games and events all over the area, visitors had many different opportunities at finding something fun.

The Arbors Apartments, for example, came out in a trendy golf cart loaded down with all sorts of goodies.

It didn’t last long. Less than 3 minutes after they parked, the little cart was taken for everything it had.

Rec Sports had an excellent game show set-up where people would answer general questions about HKC and had a chance to win towels, cozies, key chains, and bags.

There was also enough free food to cause one to give an elephant a stomachache.

Everyone attending could feel the warmth of the Bearkat atmosphere. It seemed as though the rain was just a little something extra, as the people showing up were all decked out in their rubber boots, ponchos, and SHSU umbrellas.

Many of the events were geared towards both students and parents. Organizations such as Project Connect and many others provided very useful information for parents and students to take full advantage of.

Not only did parents get a chance to converse and ask questions about different organizations and collegiate departments, but also got a chance to get involved with them.

Bearkat Parent’s Weekend was more than just the tailgating and the game. It was also a great opportunity to learn all about what SHSU has to offer and what it means to be a Bearkat.

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