Annual job fair brings opportunities

Tomorrow Sam Houston career enthusiasts will have the opportunity to be exposed to a multitude of job opportunities at Career Services’ Career Expo 2009.

The Career Expo facilitates a connection mainly between SHSU upperclassmen and business entities that possess job opportunities. This expo offers the chance for students to interact with representatives from businesses like Wells Fargo and The Disney Company.

By facilitating the quest for employment, Career Services is giving students an advantage in an increasingly sparse job market before graduation. Marketing and Events Coordinator, Paige Andrews, encourages students seeking employment opportunities to attend.

“These employers are hiring full-time jobs and some are looking for interns,” Andrews said.

“We just want students to come out, and you don’t have to be a senior to attend.”

Career Services offers several job fairs for students to attend throughout the year, but the Career Expo is normally the biggest . What sets it aside from the smaller fairs is that it offers opportunities that coincide with every major at Sam Houston.

Director’s Assistant, Susan Byrd, has worked with Career Services and job fairs for five years, and is certain that interacting with employers is beneficial to increasing students’ success in the hiring process.

“An employer going through a stack of applications versus being able to shake hands with a representative is going to be to the students’ advantage,” Byrd said. “It gives the students an opportunity to make themselves visible. You want to stand out from everybody else.”

Those who attend the Career Expo should come in with an interview-ready mind set. They should be dressed in business attire, and have their resumes ready to present as if they were already applying for the job.

Students can research the attending companies using the Career Services’ Jobs 4 Kats website. On the site there is a listing of the companies, and for some there will even be detailed information for the jobs that attending businesses are seeking to fill.

Students can find out what the companies are hiring for, and can be prepared to tell them what position they’re interested in. Theoretically, a student can research company backgrounds and job openings, and apply for the jobs before ever interacting with the company representatives.

It’s important to remember that appearance is paramount to presenting oneself at the expo event, because the represented business entities want to hire SHSU students.

“Employers chose to come to Sam Houston because they like what we have to offer. It’s an opportunity to show them what type of professional students we have,” said Byrd.

In addition to offering several post-graduate career openings there will be several options for students looking for academic graduate programs. The graduate opportunities will include representatives from other collegiate organizations including SHSU.

Though the Career Expo is aimed at students who are nearing the end of their undergraduate days, Career Services encourages undergraduates to attend. Even if they’re not ready to go into the work force, attending the expo or any of the job fairs throughout the year, is a good way to learn how to present oneself for future opportunities.

The Career Expo 2009 will take place in Johnson Coliseum from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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