Patriotic or idiotic. Your choice

Shocked. Disappointed. Confused. These were the emotions which ran over me as I read an Arizona news story on the ABC website.

The story was that of a pastor who is praying for the death of our President, Barack Obama.

It dawns on me, never have I heard so much criticism and hatred toward our leader, at least not so quickly. With the push of his recent health reform plan, the discontent has only grown.

Ironically, this is the first time many of us Americans have ever seen a president actually push for all the things he promised during his campaign.

Yet with the economy climbing (albeit slowly) out of the dirt, more jobs becoming available, reform in many of the previously problematic industries, and not to mention many of Americans getting the help they need, there is still a mountain of opposition in Obama’s way.

With a nation founded upon the rights of liberty, the pursuit of happiness, but first and foremost life, how can we as Americans fight something so necessary to help uphold these said “rights endowed by our creator?”

As of today some form of universal health care has been implemented in most, if not all, industrialized countries.

In fact, with the exception of countries in Africa, a few in Asia, a handful in Latin America and of course the U.S., most nations offer some form of national healthcare.

Which leads me to wonder if we, America, are truly leaders of the free world, why have we been so sluggish to properly protect and invest in our citizens’ health?

The truth is a nationalized health care is indeed a vital need for the United States. Think about this: in a few years we college students will be graduates searching for a job. On the bridge between college and career we no longer have the state funded healthcare of the university.

We also are generally ineligible for our parents’ health insurance because of age. If you have no job to offer insurance, or the finances to pay for your own, you are in essence out of luck!

With this said, I urge you all to look into current health care plan. Whether you love Obama or not, think of the people of America.

The nationalization of healthcare is the next step in promoting true patriotism and the rights of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

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