Elected by unanimous decision

The goal of the Student Government Association is to make sure that the student body is represented and its voice is heard. The student body gets heard by senators of their particular college. On Tuesday night, the SGA elected two new senators unanimously.

Lauren Bazunu was elected into the senate of the College of Arts and Sciences. Bazunu is a junior biology major and a fundraising chair for the African Students Association. She is also a member of Women United and is on the Diversity Council. Vice President Lance Weaver said, “[Bazunu] is very vocal and I think she will make a good addition to the senate.”

The other senator, Steffen Sowell, was elected into the senate of Criminal Justice.

Sowell, is a senior criminal justice major and a secretary of both the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity and the National Pan-Hellenic Council for African American Greeks.

“Every time I see him he is really professional,” Weaver said.Weaver said the job of a senator is to sit on committees and represent the student body of their college. There are ten senators allowed per college and there are still several colleges with seats open.

“We have a very vocal group and it gets really exciting,” Weaver said.

Sowell spoke on behalf of Alpha Phi Alpha requesting for reimbursement from the fraternity’s Snow Cone give away that was held on Sept. 1. The motion was approved to compensate for the $400 that the fraternity spent on the required products used to hold the event.

Sowell said the give away was held to reach out to incoming freshman and transfer students on campus. The fraternity requested help with the give away they are planning next semester, but this motion will be decided on at a later meeting.

Weaver briefly mentioned an e-mail sent from Texas State University which is trying to gain support as the state Senator from the area is trying to allocate $83 million for Pell Grants in Central Texas schools. The issue will be discussed next week on whether or not to endorse the bill.

At the meeting, President Ryan Bridges announced that starting next week the meetings will be broadcast live on Channel 7.

The SGA meetings are held every Tuesday at 6 pm in room 320 of the LSC and they are always looking for new students to get involved.

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