Trying too hard

I am tired of stupidity. I am tired of morons. And most of all, I am tired of illiterate stupid morons.

It seems like every day I hear a rant against illegal immigrants. Someone out there always has to mention how they have done this or that to American culture by coming here and working.

For some stupid reason, people who can’t speak proper English feel the need to tell immigrants that they need to learn the English.

The only problem is the people who say it normally sound like this. “Dang it, I’m tired of you people not speakin’ our language.” These are the same people who are wearing Dale Earnhardt shirts and ripped jeans and talking about the good ole days.

But as shocking and annoying as that is that’s not my worst complaint. I hate, and let me repeat that, I hate hearing people say immigrants are taking jobs away from Americans.

First off, most Americans wouldn’t touch those jobs for various reasons. For example, most of them could not fix the things involved in those jobs and, in addition, even if they could they would not put forth the effort that the immigrants would.

Money also becomes an issue. I worked one summer as a garbage man. I was one of three white guys on the job. Everyone else there was an illegal immigrant and made a third of what I made.

Stop and think about that. Working a hard labor job where it’s not uncommon to work 12 hours a day and make a third of the money your co-worker makes because of the color of your skin.

And they say racism is starting to go away.

And if those reasons aren’t enough for you there is one other vital part. While you can be mad at an illegal immigrant for coming to America and taking your great jobs like janitor and cook, what about travel agencies?

Yes, travel agencies, and any type of call service jobs, are almost gone for Americans. Why, you ask? Because massive amounts of companies have taken those jobs and went to India with them. I have a friend whose mom worked at a travel agency, and she is out of work because the company found that taking orders and setting them up was so much easier to do online or over the phone. The result: her company laid off the employees and set up a call center in India.

Yep, those dang immigrants have done it again!

Think about that. People spend their time complaining about immigrants taking jobs as janitors and handy men. Yet they’re not mad at corporate America, which has exported countless jobs out of the United States and into India because they want to save money.

But isn’t that the American way? When something goes wrong, and you lose your job, it isn’t because you didn’t want to work 45 hours a week instead of 40. It’s because the guy with the different color skin and the funny accent took your job.

Next time you want to sit around and praise yourself because you think that you are irreplaceable, remember that there is someone who will do your job for less, because they have a family to feed as well.

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