Dinner held to recognize organizations

To show the school’s appreciation for everything student organizations do both on campus and in the community, the Department of Student Activities will host their annual Student Organization Dinner this Tuesday, Sept. 29. The dinner is to be held at 6:00 p.m. in the Old Main Pit on campus.

Between 50 and 60 student organizations, including Greek life, sports, and religious organizations, will have two representatives in attendance for this intimate gathering with the President of the University and other administration. Over the course of the evening, dinner will be served and the students will have the chance to not only mingle and interact with other student organizations, but they will also have the chance to speak with Dr. Gaertner and Frank Parker, Vice President of Student Services.

The purpose of this dinner is to give the students a chance to interact with each other and the administration outside of the school environment.

“Not all students get the chance to really talk with Dr. Gaertner on such a personal level,” said Leah Mulligan, Director of Student Activities. “During this dinner, they have the chance to talk to Dr. Gaertner, Mrs. Gaertner, and Frank on a more intimate level, outside of school. They can ask him questions and really get a chance to know him.

This dinner is also a chance for the administration to thank the students for everything they do, both on and off campus.

“Dr. Gaertner likes to take this time to really thank the students for everything they do for the school,” Mulligan said. “We want them to know we truly appreciate everything they do for us. This is our way of telling them thank you.”

To learn more about the Department of Student Activities, or if you are interested in joining a student organization, visit http://www.shsu.edu/dept/ and click on Department of Student Activities.

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