Some words still can hurt


About half of you reading this just stopped, made a joke about my (supposed) sexual orientation, and moved on with your lives.

When I see that word I can’t help but ponder how in 2009, 50 years after the civil rights movement, 90 years after women’s suffrage, and 150 years after the Civil War, we can all sit back and pretend to be equal.

I am talking about marriage. Not gay marriage, the time has passed for us to start making a difference between the two. It’s time to discuss marriage.

What seems to truly frighten proponents of Proposition 8 and similar resolutions is that they feel as though same-sex marriage would somehow lessen the sanctity of marriage.

I can’t help but wonder if they feel the same way about America’s 50% divorce rate and our oh-so funny Vegas sham weddings.

No, no the sanctity of marriage will be destroyed by the gays.

Let us not forget that the Bible says homosexuality is a sin, so how can we allow marriages in the eyes of the Lord?

Well, the Bible also says we should stone those who commit adultery, so when did we stop doing that?

Atheism and divorce are both certainly sins, yet we allow an atheist divorcee to remarry as many times as he or she wantsjust as long as (God forbid) it is not to a member of the same sex.

I believe that marriage is not something that should be reserved for strictly a man and a woman. Marriage is for two people who truly love each other.

The reality is that we are scared of things and people that are different from us. Sometimes we are so afraid that we can’t imagine them being equal to us.

So we control them, enslave them, discriminate against them, and even kill them so they know their place.

How can it be, in the same election in which we elected a minority as President, that a state voted to continue discrimination against someone based on their sexual orientation?

It’s is time to start demanding equal rights, time to get out of our adolescent mind set, and time to see that homosexuals can’t mess up marriage as bad as the rest of us have. It’s time to legalize same-sex marriage.

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