Simulator to virtually raise awareness

The Dean of Students’ Office and the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Initiative will take students on a virtual journey through a drunk driving accident on Tuesday (Oct. 13).

The 2009 “PEERS Aware III Simulator,” a machine that allows students to experience drunk-driving accidents, will be held from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. in the Lowman Student Mall Area.

The tour will show incidences with varying levels of blood alcohol concentration and a crash scene involving passengers and other cars in different traffic venues.

The simulator includes screeching brakes, crying, screaming, sirens, flashing lights, blood, and injuries that have proven to make an impact on the drinking and driving behaviors of students.

It also provides the ability to implant a split-second delay on the part of the impaired driver that negatively affects responsiveness.

“This delay allows participants to experience virtually every tendency that a driver would endure while alcohol impaired,” said Lisa Joyner, ADAI assistant.

In addition, tour guides include those who have personally experienced drink-driving tragedies as passengers in drinking related crashes and by losing loved ones through these life-changing incidents.

“The 2009 PEERS Aware III Simulator” was designed to show students how alcohol affects reaction time and motor skills from a sober prospective,” Keathley said. “This is a shocking, ‘in-your-face’ presentation of reality, addressing the very real and often fatal consequences of poor decisions.”

The event is open to all students, faculty and staff members, as well as community members. Students can also receive co-curricular credit and Six Weeks of Alcohol Awareness Training points for participating in the tour.

For more information regarding the tour, call assistant dean of students Jeanine Bias at 936.294.3026.

Faculty members who want to send their classes to the “PEERS Aware III Simulator” may do so by contacting Keathley at 936.294.1171.

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