Up in smoke

The Student Government Association approved a “Sense of the Senate” at Tuesday night’s meeting by majority vote. The “Sense of the Senate” F09-01 is for re-implementation of the smoking bill that is already in place.

According to the “Sense of the Senate”, in February of 2007 a non-smoking policy statement was released by the Office of the President that states:

“Smoking areas are permitted outside university faculties provided that these areas are located far enough away from the doorways, windows, and ventilation systems to prevent smoke from entering buildings and facilities. In general, this is at least 25 feet from any gate, entryway, arch, doorway, and common path of travel, air intake or open window.”

According to Chief of Staff Kendall Scudder, this is just to cause awareness of a bill that is already in place.

Also at the meeting, the SGA unanimously elected three new senate members. One of the senators is for the College of Criminal Justice, while the other two are for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Christina Smith is now the fifth senator of the College of Criminal Justice. Smith is a junior with a major in both criminal justice and psychology. She is currently a director of student information on the University Affairs Committee.

Vice President Lance Weaver said, “She always has some kind of idea and is always trying to get more involved with SGA.”

Rebecca Staton and Rachel Voss will become the seventh and eighth senators of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Staton, who is a sophomore political science major, is a Vice-Chair member of Bearkat Democrats.

Scudder said, “She has done a phenomenal job in membership of Bearkat Democrats.”

Voss is a junior getting a major in both political science and history. She is a member of Walter P. Webb.

According to Senator Ahmed Adewodu, “[Rachel] has a good head on her shoulders.”

Also at the meeting, the SGA approved to allocate $1,000 to help co-host tailgating at Homecoming with Agriculture IT.

“Agriculture always does awesome tailgating for Homecoming,” Scudder said.

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